Water Treatment Services and more...

Free in-home water analysis from your water treatment specialist

At Desforges Water Treatment service is always our number one priority. Whether it be our water analysis service, our installation service or our after-sales service, Desforges Water Treatment is committed to offering top quality service to our customers.

As a first step, at your request, Desforges Water Treatment will go to your home to do a complete analysis of your water. Once the analysis is done, Desforges Water Treatment will explain the results and discuss with you which treatment system would better suit your needs and solve the problems you have with your water.

Subsequently, a team of competent technicians would proceed with the installation of your water treatment system. All installations are done in a professional manner and exceed standards.

Finally, when dealing with water treatment, it is usually recommended to proceed with regular maintenance of the equipment, something we at Desforges Water Treatment can confirm through our many years of experience. This is why our family firm dedicates time and effort to offering the best after sales service possible to our customers. Following your purchase of any system, there will always be someone available to assist you and offer you impeccable service, thus ensuring that you can continuously benefit from superior quality water.